When people think of meth users, they often think of their smiles. That’s because “meth mouth” is a common side effect of those who abuse methamphetamine. The sight of crumbling and blackened teeth is not an image people soon forget.

Crystal meth obviously causes a lot of health problems. One of the reasons it is so well known is its highly addictive qualities and the severe impact it can have on a user’s physical appearance.

Meth Mouth

“Meth mouth” is when a person who uses crystal meth has an extreme case of tooth decay. It is very common for meth users to have such decay of their teeth that there is no repairing them. The teeth end up needing to be pulled out or even surgically removed. If the teeth crumble and break off, it may be impossible to remove them with surgery.

Dentists often compare “meth mouth” and “bottle mouth.”  Bottle mouth is a term for when children have gone to bed with a bottle of milk or juice that ends up damaging their teeth. It can lead to severe decaying of the teeth.

How It Damages Your Teeth

There are many ways that the effects of meth can eventually damage your teeth.

–    When people are high on meth, they often crave sugary sodas which can be bad for their teeth.

–    The high from crystal meth can last up to twelve hours and users aren’t likely to be brushing or flossing. If they binge use it can go a long time before they think to brush their teeth.

–    The drug is acidic and when smoked can do damage to their teeth. Sometimes ingredients include lye, battery acid, or even drain cleaner.

–    Crystal meth users tend to grind their teeth as well.