Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and highly dangerous substance. It can have painful and long-lasting effects on your mind and body. Even using one time can lead to addiction.

Short-term Effects of Meth Use

Using meth repeatedly can lead to a lot of problems. Problems like paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, and addiction. Meth is so popular because it gives a strong and instant high that can last from anywhere up to twelve hours.

When it enters the bloodstream, meth quickly travels up to the brain. It can give a rush of energy that can help people feel or be productive. Because it is a stimulant it can also improve thinking and problem-solving at the time.

Of course, even short term use of this drug can lead to dangerous and unwanted side effects.

These side effects include:

–    Appetite loss

–    Convulsions

–    Hyperthermia

–    Irregular heart rhythm

–    High blood pressure

–    Mood swings

–    Tremors

–    Weight loss

Thoughts of suicide and homicide have also shown up as a side effect in meth abusers. This can be dangerous when someone is high on a drug that makes them paranoid and energized.

When Someone Is “Tweaking”

When someone uses a substance regular, they can gain a tolerance to it. Tolerance means they need more of a substance to get high. Often meth users turn to tweak.

Tweaking is when users start struggling with intense cravings for the drug and having a lot of despair. Psychotic symptoms start appearing. They might begin to hallucinating or not perceiving reality correctly.

After experiencing the symptoms of tweaking people usually have a hard crash. They might sleep for days on end. This can cause depression and other problems. This is the point many people addicted to meth realize they need to get help and start seeking treatment.

Long-Term Effects Of Meth Use

People who are addicted to methamphetamine are often addicted for a long time. That is because meth is one of the hardest drugs to quit due to it is super strong highs and addictive qualities.

This means that often people have severe side effects due to their constant use of meth. The side effects grow in their intensity and become more complex and harmful to the person using.

Some of these side effects include:

–    Body sores (addicts picking at their skin in a compulsive behavior)

–    Breathing problems (for those who smoke meth continuously)

–    Confusion or exceedingly strange behavior

–    Feeling as if bugs are crawling across their skin

–    Damage to blood vessels such as for the heart or the brain

–    Psychotic symptoms that get worse such as paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations

–    Mental health problems like depression and anxiety

Long term use of meth can also lead to a severely altered appearance. This can cause an addict to appear advanced in age. Because meth damages blood vessels people aren’t able to heal as well and this can turn into acne and very dull or wrinkly looking skin.

It is also common for meth users to have “meth mouth” or decaying and crumbling teeth.