Methamphetamines are a stimulant drug that is human-made in labs. It is often shortened to “meth”.

Meth is often taken in binges to get repetitive highs. It can come in a powdered form that is very common, or a crystal rock form called “crystal meth”.

Meth is usually taken because of the intense high that is received when it reacts with the body.

Addiction Is Imminent

Powdered meth generally has a longer lasting effect than the crystal or rock version. Both forms of this drug cause intense pleasure to the user. A large issue is that a crash often follows the high, and the crash can lead to addiction.

This is because a crash consists of depression, fatigue, and cravings that come once the high wears off. People want to use again so they stop feeling so awful. It’s a vicious cycle destined to repeat itself.

The low can seem so hard and sad that another high is needed to feel normal. That isn’t truly what normal is though, this is really just addiction beginning.

Methamphetamines are so dangerous because the high is so strong and long lasting that people want to keep feeling it. When offset by the resounding crash people keep using and keep using until it negatively affects their body.

Continued long-term abuse of meth causes mental and physical damage cause problems with memory and emotional issues. Because of lower dopamine levels, it’s easier to become depressed and not be sure how to feel happy without the drug.

People might continue to take methamphetamines just to be able to feel anything at all.

What It Does To You

Crystal Meth is made to be sold on the street and get you addicted. This means the intent is to cause addiction so there will be regular customers who need this drug.

Crystal Meth is often made with dangerous chemicals that can be toxic over time. It is also often not made well, because that isn’t a concern to the people selling it.

Since meth is often cooked at home, it is cut with other products. This is so that the supply stretches and dealers have more product to sell.

This can lead to fatality. Meth also causes severe physical and mental damage and can ruin your appearance permanently. Those who use methamphetamines regular have quickly deteriorating health.