Methamphetamines are dangerous stimulant drugs that are too often used. They are the second most used drug in the world and can have disastrous effects on the mind and the body.

We exist to help inform users about the damage meth can do to you. It’s more than just what meth is, which can be a severely toxic substance. It’s about all the different ways it hurts and damages you.

People need to be made aware of the side effects. They seem to think the damage done is short term and can be repaired. Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs because it can severely affect your body, and your body needs to be around a long time for you to keep living.

Meth damages your heart and your liver and your kidneys. It affects your brain and your blood vessels. These organs are needed to keep you alive, and every time you use meth, you do more damage to these systems.

Meth can cause you to look older than you and make your teeth brittle and black.

The high is never worth it, nor is any other use you may think you’re getting out of it. Nothing is worth your health.