Meth is a stimulant that is the second most popular illegal drug in the world. It only comes in place after marijuana. Meth was first created all the way back in 1880 to help soldiers stay alert in combat. Once the public gained access to meth, then the addiction really began.

Methamphetamine was actually prescribed often in the 1950s. It was used for the treatment of many conditions. Some of these conditions were depression, narcolepsy, and even obesity.

It wasn’t long before meth was used by people for fun instead of health reasons, though it didn’t get really popular until the 1980s. This happened because crystal meth was developed and it was able to be smoked. This made the drug easier to use therefore more desirable.

Just like other drugs, some people can use meth and not become addicted. It’s important not to think yourself immune though. The high that meth can give people really affects mental health and behavior. There are always risks when taking drugs recreationally.

The longer people keep using meth then, the more trouble they will have trying to quit it.

Why People Use Meth

Meth is often used by people who think it is an easy and quick fix to losing weight. This doesn’t always have the desired effects because meth often causes an appearance of advanced aging. People in their twenties may look as if they are in their forties.

Meth mouth is also a common effect. That is irreversible dental problems due to meth’s impact on the body to heal. Teeth decay and blacken and crumble. People who were taking meth to fix their appearance should reconsider.

Often meth is used by people in school to help them study. That is because meth is a stimulant like coffee or alcohol. Unlike those stimulants, meth is not legal or even remotely safe. People might use meth to be able to stay up late studying or to handle work on top of the school.

The adverse effects on mental health soon outweigh those positive outcomes once meth starts taking its toll. Long-term damage by meth use affects the brain and damages memory and cognitive function.

This means it can cause attention and memory issues leading to failing grades. It also causes hallucinations and delusions. This can interfere with daily life and lead to people putting themselves into dangerous situations.

Meth is never the answer to a problem, only the cause.


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