It can be far too easy to overlook the signs of a substance use disorder, especially when it comes to friends and loved ones. This is because we are always so eager to see the best in people. We don’t want to admit to ourselves that they might be in trouble.

Knowing the signs of a crystal meth addiction and crystal meth effects can potentially save a life. It can really help your friends, and you might be the one able to point out the help that they need.

If you can see the signs of a crystal meth addiction, then you can help them toward meth addiction treatment. That can help them change their lives for the better.

Crystal Meth Addiction Moves Fast

When it comes to methamphetamine crystal meth causes addiction the fastest. This is because it can cause addiction even from the first time someone uses it.

You can use crystal meth by smoking it from a glass pipe, you can crush it up into a powder and snort it, or you can mix it with water and inject it into your body.

Using it in any of these ways can cause an immediate and strong addiction. Too easily people can be out of control completely with crystal meth in the driver’s seat.

Someone you love might be acting strange or cagey. You might be starting to think that they have a drug or crystal meth-specific addiction. If that’s the case, here are some signs and symptoms of crystal meth addiction to looking out for.

Signs Of Crystal Meth Addiction

Changes in behavior can be the first sign of a problem. If you are close to this person, then you might notice changes that others would not. Here are some easy to see signs that someone could be using crystal meth:

–    Acting secretive and withdrawn.

–    Caught in lies about everything and nothing that seems to matter

–    Decreasing school or work performance, probably due to crystal meth use.

–    A display of withdrawal symptoms (nausea, dry mouth, sweating, depression, anxiety, shaking, etc.) whenever meth is not around.

–    Getting into legal trouble because of possession or use of crystal meth, or performing other illegal activities to be able to buy meth.

–    Loss of interest in social life, hobbies, and once well-loved activities.

–    Staying up for days and then sleeping for a long period of time, either one can be a problem.

–    Spending a great deal of time hungover and recovering from the effects of crystal meth use.

–    Unable to explain where money (or other possessions maybe not even theirs) go missing.

Often the important thing for someone with crystal meth addiction is to get into an inpatient drug rehab. That is where they live for a while and get around the clock care and treatment for their drug addiction. Hopefully, your commitment and care can help them in their recovery.