People who use meth aren’t always the brightest crayon in the box, and that can often be attributed to the brain damage caused by meth use But it would seem obvious to most people not to mix dangerous drugs with alcohol.

Sadly, not everyone abides by these obvious rules.

The amount of people who smoke meth and drink alcohol together is quite alarming. Those who drink daily are actually five times more likely to smoke meth. It is also true that five perfect of meth use can be traced back to being drunk daily.

Why They Do It

Many people use different drugs together even though they shouldn’t. Different drugs combined can have different effects on the mind and body. Mixing meth and alcohol together is just as common.

Researchers believe that alcohol and meth are mixed because alcohol is a depressant. That means it can cause sad feelings in a person. Meth is the opposite, it is a stimulant.

Stimulants can cause hyperactivity and euphoric highs. Therefore users get the mind-muddling effects of alcohol intoxication and the highs of meth.

What Research Says About This Dangerous Combination

In 2011 a study was conducted to find out effects of alcohol and meth use together. They were monitored and studied in a variety of ways.

The findings showed that:

–    Combining meth with alcohol makes people feel the sedating effects of alcohol less.

–    Meth could fight the motor control impairments caused by alcohol.

–    There were fewer sleep issues when taken together.

–    There were fewer side effects when the drugs were combined.

–    Taking alcohol and meth together could actually increase the euphoric sensations of the high. It could also increase the adverse impact on the heart.

–    Tolerance was actually developed quickly to the combination.

The risks that this revealed were high. Those who took the two together might drink more alcohol to feel the effects of the alcohol which can lead to more toxic levels of alcohol drinking.

They also may be more likely to see the effects of their alcohol drinking and could think driving a car or other dangerous activities are okay.

In The End

Overall, drinking alcohol and taking meth together isn’t something people should do. After time has passed resistance, or tolerance, to this combination grows. That makes it more deadly. The more alcohol you drink the more chance you have of alcohol poisoning.