Many people who abuse meth will develop different skin problems for many different reasons. People who use meth are known for having raw skin. This is due to the fact that meth will cause the skin to itch severely. The skin itches so bad that people will rub their skin raw. Meth will also cause hallucinations in people. Those who use meth could be scratching their bodies to rid them of imaginary items. Unhealthy skin is caused because of a lack of hygiene and poor diet. Meth skin is very uncomfortable and isn’t pleasant. 

More Information 

Methamphetamine is very dangerous to a person’s health. The most damage will happen on the inside of your body, however, the most visible effects will be on the outside. People who abuse meth are known for having scabs, scars, scratches, and sores. These are meth sores. You can get meth sores on legs, arms, and anywhere on the body. 

These injuries will commonly occur because the person is hallucinating. These hallucinations are horrible and seem very real. People may believe that there are bugs underneath their skin that they need to get out. This is causing the person to damage their skin. Plus, meth addicts will not stop until they are satisfied. Not to mention, once they are done, the wound sits there and isn’t cleaned. They may not even notice this wound until they become sober. 

What Meth Sores Look Like 

Meth sores will have many different looks. It depends on what caused the sore and how long they have been on the body. Plus, it depends if the wound is infected. Meth sores look like red cuts, rashes, or dots. Many people will ask, does meth cause acne? People will ask this because meth sores may look like acne on the face. However, this is not actually acne. It is just meth sores on the face. A person can develop sores on the inside of the mouth or their lips if they smoke the drug. These will look like a cold sore. If there are sores on the rest of the body, they could look like the chickenpox. However, they will be blisters that are scratched. 

Meth sores will get infected easily. When they do get infected, they will look worse than usual. They may appear as a bad blister. This blister will be black or brown. It can swell to the point where it is filling up with puss. This is an infection. If this infection isn’t treated, the infection could spread, and it could be dangerous. 

If a person were to stop using meth, the blisters and sores would heal like any other sore. They will heal slowly and decrease in size. The sores will fade away and become less red. Depending on the severity of the sore, it may turn into a scar. However, most people do not allow their wounds to heal because they do not quit using meth. This allows for easy infection.